Asoniya Hair Loss

Healthy hair and hair loss

Both females and males recognize loss of hair when showering, shampooing or styling their hair. How many times have you looked at your comb or hair brush and realized it holds more hair at certain times of your life? Stress is a major factor for such hair loss. As the space between the skull and hair follicles tighten, the lack of oxygen prevents a healthy environment for the hair to grow or breath, resulting in hair damage and hair loss. The blood flows between skull and the root of the hair creates a space where the environment is providing a healthy life form of its own.

To assist in providing a relaxation to the muscles, nerves and blood flow located at the back of the skull, around the ears and sides of the skull, the beauty of a good night sleep is required. The natural contouring of the “Asoniya” pillow is to facilitate in a good night rest. As it is made of a natural filler which activates your own healthy infrared, it naturally affects the area where placed to begin the healing process. The pillow will naturally harden, as a tell tale sign the healing has begun. In order to soften your personalized Asoniya pillow, allowing it to regain its natural form, simply knead your pillow until supple. Choose from a variety of colorful selections and order your Asoniya pillow today. Your body will love you and thank you for choosing “Asoniya”.