Asoniya Headaches

Tension or sinus heaches and migraines

Stress or tension headaches are among the greater number of people suffering in our society. The symptoms may have after affects to your sight, equilibrium or energy source to the body. As the tension or tightness builds around your neck, temples or back of the skull, it allows the tension headaches to occur. Sinus headaches on the other hand affect your nose region, flaring out towards your temples, ears and up just above the eyes to the front of your forehead. As the nasal passages become inflamed or swelling occurs in this area, mucus is produced, leaving more than one symptom to now overcome than a headache.

Migraine headaches will affect people in more than one way. Some will notice a specific area to the head region where the migraine regularly occurs, leaving nausea, sick to the stomach or even vomiting. It impairs clarity, the ability to focus, eat, energy source and may even cause a dizzy feeling. Your head signals to the rest of your body how to rejuvenate and revitalize the immune system, nervous system, muscular system and brain functioning. The “Asoniya” pillow allows the process of healing to begin by placing it directly to the headache area. As it molds to your head, it provides added support while calming the nervous system. The pillow contains micro spheres, which hold your body’s natural infrared used for the healing process. Thanks to this property, stress is released and brain blood flow returns back to a healthy state to work with the entire body. In order to soften your personalized Asoniya pillow, allowing it to regain its natural form, simply knead your pillow until supple. Choose from a variety of colorful selections and order your Asoniya pillow today. Your body will love you and thank you for choosing “Asoniya”.