Asoniya Heart Stroke

Heart, stroke and blood pressure

The perfect rhythm of our heart is a tell tale sign of the body working in synchronistic harmony and when the rhythm is disrupted (also known as “arrhythmia”) or palpitations occur, it is a signal to seek medical advice. In order to provide comfort and relief from the irregularities, simply place the “Asoniya” pillow in the specific area of discomfort, whereby the body’s natural infrared is reflected to that area allowing the healing to begin. As the pillow hardens, the micro spheres comprised of silicon dioxide expand contouring to the natural shape of your own b body. In the event that you have suffered with a heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure (including “hypertension”), low blood pressure or heart surgery, comfort from a full night’s rest is most important for the body to begin its own healing.

Your Asoniya pillow will assist this process, by supporting your neck, shoulders and head region, allowing a peaceful, calm, restful sleep while nurturing your entire body. In order to soften your personalized Asoniya pillow, allowing it to regain its natural form, simply knead your pillow until supple. Choose from a variety of colorful selections and order your Asoniya pillow today. Your body will love you and thank you for choosing “Asoniya”.