Asoniya Sleep Insomnia

Healthy, peaceful, restful sleep

Unable to sleep, causing you to not to perform or function properly at work, at home, with relationships or affecting your mind’s clarity to study at school? Your body naturally rebuilds the immune system, nervous system, muscular system and brain functioning through a good night of restful, relaxing sleep. Insomnia, wrestles, sleepless using your own personal “Asoniya” pillow can now alter nights. Micro spheres made with silicon dioxide comprise the filler of each pillow allowing it to absorb what the body requires to excrete bringing the body back to a healthy, balanced state. Once the pillow hardens, the body’s own infrared has been processed through the micro spheres and transforms it back to the body as healing energy.

Due to the calming of the nervo9us system, your sleep becomes peaceful, relaxed and b balanced. In order to soften your personalized Asoniya pillow, allowing it to regain its natural form, simply knead your pillow until supple. Depending on your body’s system, time will vary with each individual as to when you are able to sleep through a full night with a softened pillow. The natural filler of your Asoniya pillow will contour to your own body, allowing support to your head, shoulders and neck. This product t is non-allergenic, as it works in harmony with your personal body system. Choose from a variety of colorful selections and order your Asoniya pillow today. Your body will love you and thank you for choosing “Asoniya”.