The full range of pillows of "Asoniya" the Pillow of "Asoniya" possesses the unique physical properties caused by features of its filler. The filler of a pillow consists of powder from hollow microspheres of a micron size made with the application of modern nanotechnologies from silicon dioxide and possesses powerful natural properties of silicon. The revitalizing effect of microspheres concludes that they are capable to accumulate and evenly distribute all types of energy. Infrared radiation from the body is reflected through the filler, the pillow of "Asoniya", and returns to the body in a natural balanced state. It has no contraindications (unlike artificial sources of infrared light), which promotes an increase of cellular energy to the human body and may cause a more complex effect.

The second unique property of the filler - the “pseudo-liquid” property creates a "pseudo-zero gravity" effect, whereby the organism starts functioning in special conditions. For lack of gravity, there is a maximum relaxation to the muscles, shoulders, chest and backbone. There is an additional disclosure of capillaries, causing improvement of brain blood circulation and blood supply to the entire body. "Asoniya's" pillow has the calming effect on the nervous system, eliminating sleeplessness, stress, nervous disorders, nervous tics, allowing a sound and full-fledged sleep, bright and pleasant dreams. One more unique property of the pillow is restoration of the body’s biofield (natural magnetic field).

At the expense of extremely small sized particles of the filler, Asoniya's pillow reacts to the condition of a person’s biofield. The more extreme health issues addressed by a person, including mental health, the more efficient and effective the filler of the pillow of Asoniya reacts as it hardens. The body reflecting pain causes the microsphere of the filler of the pillow to fixate on itself. When the pillow hardens, you have a remarkable opportunity to rid your body of a component of dis-ease. To renew or regenerate the pillow when it hardens, you may knead, shake or warm up the pillow allowing the soft form to return. The proof of the hardening of the pillow is not a manufacturing defect, but proof of it’s performance. Each person will cause the pillow to harden at different levels. Using the pillow to sleep at night may require intermittent kneading during your sleep. However, several days, months and sometimes years later will result in a soft pillow all night, long. Asoniya's pillow will react to each person’s personal energy, and therefore sharing the use of the pillow will require regenerating or rejuviating the pillow before use, When Asoniya becomes firm, place your hands to knead the pillow or place it in a warm location. Should you feel discomfort with the hardness of the pillow during sleep, you may place it near your body allowing it to continue to assist. Alternatively, you may wish to use the pillow during the daytime in shorter intervals. As a result, this action carries out powerful improvement to all organisms. It is important to continue to use Asoniya until such time the pillow remains soft when in contact with you. Achieve it, and you significantly strengthen your own health.

Effects from application of the pillow of "Asoniya":

  • Sound and full-fledged sleep, bright, pleasant dreams.
  • Increase of working capacity, cheerfulness during the day.
  • Normalization of work of nervous system, psychological stability, emotional balance. Asoniya's pillow has soothingly effect on the nervous system, eliminating sleeplessness, stress, nervousness, a nervous tic.
  • Improvement of brain blood circulation.
  • Normalization of arterial pressure at a hypertension and hypotension.
  • Physiologically correct position of the head and neck. The person sleeping on an orthopedic pillow of Asoniya reaches the maximum muscular relaxation.
  • Immunity increase, fast healing of burns, fractures, injuries and wounds.
  • Improvement of blood supply to the pelvis, prevention of hemorrhoids, prostrate, gynecological problems.
  • Improvement of varicose veins, pains and weight in the feet, swelling diminishes.
  • Improvement to blood circulation in extremities ("cold hands and feet" often found with elderly people).
  • Stimulation of production of collagen that tightens face skin, smoothes wrinkles.
  • Neutralization of harmful radiation, restoration of the biofield.