Advantage Of Infrared Radiation

You may wonder why sunshine feels so pleasant? The warmth you are receiving from the sun to your body fills you with getting into depth of an organism and filling with healing energy. A portion of the range of radiation fron the sun is an infrared radiation, heat which reacts healthy back to you.

Since ancient times people well knew about the healthy power of heat (i.e. infrared radiation), using it for treatment of dis-ease. Doctors would apply heated sand, salt and clay to frostbites, ulcers, infected wounds and bruises. Famous doctors actively created solar bathrooms for treatment of dis-ease of the skin, nervous system, rickets and arthritis. Hippocrates described a method of application of infrared beams for processing of wounds, ulcers, damages from cold, etc.

The most discovered effect physicians found out, renders long-wave infrared radiation on the body. This part of the range was called life beams (Vital Rays) as our body requires them, especially in the spring for restoration, becoming impregnated with heat and energy. Long-wave infrared radiation is a part of an infrared range with lengths of waves approximately from 7 to 14 microns which corresponds to the radiation of a human body. Therefore any external radiation with such lengths of waves accepts ownership to our body.

Therefore, influencing a human body waves of long-wave part of infrared range it is possible to receive the phenomenon called "resonant absorption" at which external energy will be actively absorbed by the body. As a result of such influence, potential energy enters the cells of the body increasing, allowing excess water to balance, activity of specific cellular structures increases, the level of the immune system increases, activity of enzymes and estrogen increases and other chemical reactions. It concerns all types of cells, vessels, organs and blood.