First Time Using Your “Asoniya” Pillow

These are the various recommendations:

First option.

During the first three days, use Asoniya's pillow for 20-30 minutes on any place on your body, listening to how your body reacts. If no unpleasant feelings occur, increase the length of time. At the beginning, please do not place the pillow under your head. Do not fall asleep during the night using your Asoniya pillow. You may use the pillow under your head region during the daytime for 20-30 min., gradually increasing the time of use. Working up to a comfort in your body and in 3-4 weeks you may wish to sleep on your pillow all night long.

Second option.

The first three days, use the pillow as follows: place your pillow, resting your feet, then move it up to your knees, then up to your stomach, then on to your chest, behind the base of your neck and shoulders, in the middle of your lower back, returning to rest your feet (each position should allow 3-5 minutes).

For the fourth day, increase time allowed in each situation slightly. Continue to proceed for next 10 days. This way will help to clear the aura and self-regulate your body.

It has been known that some people, during the first session, feel heat in soles of the feet. After some time, the feeling of lightness occurs in the feet (it biologically activates points in the soles of the feet, causing an improvement and clearing of the body begins).

Similarily, some people start feeling these reactions only after seven sessions or more. It depends on the toxicity of each body type, vessels, weight and dis-ease. Pain and exhaustion is quickly eliminated. Through some sessions you may notice your mood improves, stress-free, and the syndrome of chronic fatigue dissipates.

If you have a sound sleep and excellent health, place the pillow in a natural source of sun or heat allowing it to "have a rest".