How To Use Your “Asoniya” Pillow

Prior to using your Asoniya's pillow, knead with your hands until you feel the “fluidity” of the filler. For a peaceful night of sleep, place the pillow under the head, keeping in mind as soon as you place your head on the pillow, it will begin to take the formation of your head and neck region. Once it begins to activate from your body, the pillow will then harden and stiffen, allowing you to either change positions of your head and neck, or once again knead the pillow back to a condition of "fluidity" to suit your comfort.

For removal of pain (first aid) - apply Asoniya's pillow to the place of pain for 20-30 min. (as a result there will be a pleasant, comfortable feeling of heat). This time will allow for reduction or full removal of the pain.

For chest pains, stenocardia, apply the pillow to the breast area and embrace with your hands.
For stomach aches, place the pillow directly to stomach area.
For pain and fatigue in feet, legs and thighs, place the feet on the pillow.
For increase of blood pressure, simply apply the pillow to your back in kidney area.

Remember, the Asoniya's Product does not replace other methods of medical treatment and/or the advice of your physician. This may be used as an additional tool, facilitating a dis-ease state. Using the Asoniya Product will vary from person to person and studies show no side effects result from use of the Product. Nevertheless experts recommend use of Asoniya's products in a dose, listening to your body’s feelings, especially for advanced aging and chronic disease.