This anatomic pillow “Asoniya” was created by a Russian inventor and producer, Igor Borisov. The patent for this invention is registered in the State under the Russian Federation - beginning action of the patent 01.03.2006.

History of the filler (glass microspheres) began in the sixties, the last century in the Soviet Union. Then the technology of receiving hollow glass microspheres was developed and their industrial production was mastered.

In a number of the closed clinics of a military space complex of Russia the highly effective technology of the accelerated healing of wounds, burns and other injuries was applied to the burned and irradiated nuclear physicists. Patients lay on the huge mattresses (filled with the unique filler from hollow microspheres possessing properties of free fluidity of "pseudo-liquid") and as if it "swam" on them, resulting in an accelerated recovery. The skin membrane was quickly recovered, even at extensive defeats. Full sound sleep was restored, distress was quickly dissolved allowing an overstrain of the nervous system and depressions to disappear.

In 2006 this unique filler started being used and created in the form of a pillow for household purpose - "Asoniya".

Glass microspheres are created different by components and are essential for use in many industries and medicine.