Reviews of use of products of the Delight Company.

Three years ago my son, Igor, had a sport injury of the knee playing basketball and damaged a torn ligament resulting in the doctors-surgeons recommendation only for an operation. All our family worried and looked for medicine, council, new doctors but, all advised one thing, an operation.
We decided to arrive from Serbia to Moscow in world famous clinic CYTO. The checkup was thorough, professional and we waited for a miracle, but the miracle didn't come true. The recommendation was still only an operation. They showed us the most terrible pictures of an operation to a knee. Igor had intolerable pain, the major part of his knee grew numb. We were horrified … and decided to proceed with surgery.
Once again, the pain developed and we were in great despair of what to do.
In the summer of 2012, we learned about "Asoniya" and they explained the action and advantage of this product. We purchased “Asoniya” and there was a miracle … Igor used the knee brace on his kneecaps and within 7 days then again there was an intolerable pain which proceeded 3 days … but after the aggravation pain abated and still NO PAIN is PRESENT. We delighted, we are happy, we are grateful, our son recovered, and as parents there is no bigger pleasure … Doctors didn't believe, they checked, studied, shook their heads and were shocked. And suddenly Igor tells us – I feel my knee, I am happy, and jumped to the ceiling. All this occurred thanks to your product.
We then purchased two pillows which we use with great pleasure and recommend to friends and acquaintances.
We are grateful to you heartily.
Radmila Dmitriyevna Tonkovich, Professor Belgrade — Moscow 04.02.2013
Working as a sports doctor of a national team of Russia on weightlifting, I used products of "Asoniya" during training of athletes for the European championship among youth. The championship took place at the beginning of December, 2012 in the Israeli city of Eilat. Sports educational training camps are interfaced to high physical and psychological activities. Naturally, excitement before the international competitions quite often conducts to frustration of sleep and irritability. Daily training in this sport are followed by excessive loads of musculoskeletal system and as a result – there may be sprains, mialgiyas, there are injuries and grazed skin.
I used for 8 athletes presenting our country in Israel products of "Asoniya‘‘ (pillows, kneebrace, disks) for the purpose of restoration and rehabilitation. I noted very good effect of anesthesia at pathology of musculoskeletal system, absolute normalization of sleep, positive mood, lack of irritability and increase of efficiency of athletes. None of them got sick with viral infections during trainings, and this beginning of winter, i.e. an adverse epidemiological season. I can draw a conclusion: the product of "Asoniya" has the effect to assist the immune system, i.e. improves resilience to acute infectious diseases.
A long flight in another climatic zone, then 4 hours by bus on the desert, the process of adaptation took place safely, thanks to the products of "Asoniya" which we took on the road. In the morning the team was in combat readiness.
Results of all were pleased: our athletes were undisputed leaders at competitions. The team came back home with four gold, two silver and one bronze medal.
Thanks for the excellent product of "Asoniya" helping to keep health to athletes.
Pavlova M. I., Moscow — the Doctor of a national team of Russia 04.02.2013
My patients, as a rule — people of an advanced age also suffer from various diseases, since simple arrhythmia and finishing with the strongest phantom pains with which analgetics don't cope even. My more than 100 patients decided to try a pillow, ``Asoniya" and results happened not only with them, but also me — the doctor with 18-years of service. There were cases when the acute pain was stopped in 2 hours. Such effect doesn't give, in my opinion, anything! My more than 20 patients suffered from sleeplessness, a sleep depreviation and other troubles regarding sleep. Thanks to a pillow, all without exception noticed results. They sleep with it every night now, and problems are forgotten. After all these miracles, I decided to try to use a pillow for treatment of my joints. I have an ankle joint in very bad condition, and the hope was only on "Asoniya". I was surprised, but now everything is all right! Generally — words aren't present!
Zinburg Victor Matveevich — the Doctor with 18-years of experience
Nikita was facial burn person, after a performance of his show with fire. Acquaintances brought him a pillow in the hospital, In five days the integument was restored, and the gentle-pink thin skin without scars was formed. As he tells — half the hospital came to look at him as it was a miracle.
Nikita 25 years, Miass
I used a pillow for 2 months (it is a combination, one small and one big). My sleep resulted in my dreams appearing very bright, realistic, with a pronounced volume of sound. Pain in my backbone after a hard physical activity is alleviated within 20 minutes of application of a big pillow in the backbone area. I used a small pillow for removal of arrhythmia, putting it on my heart (10 min. use of a pillow = 30 drops of a valoserdin)
Dmitry (42 years)
Joint pains in my feet and a scratch on my knees resulted in shoes and heels of 16 years lay in a box. In one and a half weeks of use under my feet of a pillow of "Asoniya", I came to my office in heels. For pleasure I danced a Polish butterfly. Except improvement of a condition of joints of my feet, the warm rhythm improved, issues with the ovaries resolved.
Lyudmila Ivanovna (55 years, Krasnodar)
"A miracle I used a pillow 9 months and I don't cease to be surprised and admire it. During this time I stopped pains in my cervical area of the backbone, shoulders, joints of hands, feet ceased to swell and a turned head which disturbed me many years. The annual hospital of results didn't bring any more, and thanks to the pillow of "Asoniya" I got rid of this pain.
I have diabetes, type 2 and already there were problems with my toes, i.e. constant abscess and as a result the toes turned blue. I bought a second pillow and put it on my feet. For the third day everything passed that extremely surprised my attending physician of the endocrinologist. Having seen my results, she too got a pillow of "Asoniya".
Maslova Valentina (60 years)
Constant pain in the cervical area of my backbone, shoulder pain and my hand was not able to be raised above 50%. Pains stopped within 4 days of use of the pillow, and my hands are able to be raised above.
Lily (50 years)
"I sprained a foot and by the evening it swelled. I put my foot on the pillow. I didn't sleep all night long, the foot strongly hurt and pulled. By the morning I fell asleep and when I woke up, the foot slightly hurt, but I was able to put my shoes on".
I am a hypertensive person with the 20th summer experience. Constantly arterial pressure and in the morning and in the evening against all tablets I was 160/100 — 170/110. As a result of application of a pillow here 2 months pressure daily 130/80 — 140/80. Sometimes there are jumps 160 - 170, but lower 80-90. I temporarily refused tablets since I remove the beginning attacks of stenocardia a pillow within 20 minutes, putting it on my breast".
Lyudmila (60 years. Eagle)